Roof Cleaning Des Moines, IA

You are cleaning the inside of your home, and pressure washing the exterior once a year is an excellent way to keep your house in good condition. Are there any other things you need to do? Homeowners are also responsible for cleaning their roofs, which is a necessary chore. You would be cold in the winter and hot in the summer without a roof to protect your home. Everything inside your home would be wet and damaged if it was missing. You would have to deal with structural damage outside your home because the rain and other weather elements could reach and damage the structure.

Pros And Cons of Cleaning Your Roof

To prolong the life of your roof’s shingles or other roofing material, you should clean your roof regularly. Asphalt shingles are not damaged by algae but can be damaged by moss. The edges of the shingles can curl upward when moss is present during windy weather, increasing their chances of blowing over the roof. Algae won’t damage your shingles, but they can suffer a significant performance loss if exposed to it. This is especially true if your roof is reflective or calm. The growth of black algae will compromise the reflective properties of the top.

Cleaning a roof can be a hassle, so De Moines Gutter Cleaning does not recommend it. Performing roof cleaning on your own is not recommended by De Moines Gutter Cleaning. Additionally, roof cleaning might damage any garden plantings or vegetation growing nearby if the cleaning products such as bleach are used. When cleaning your roof, your roofing contractor should water and cover any nearby plants to prevent them from being damaged by chemicals.

How Does Roof Cleaning Work?

As part of the roof cleaning process, algae and moss growth is removed and killed. Moss and algae spores can be killed by chlorine bleach. It’s the same kind used to whiten clothes and scrub toilets. To clean a roof properly, Des Moines Gutter Cleaning recommends that bleach be added to water in a 1:1 ratio. Also, pressure washers should not be used on asphalt shingles, as the force of the water can damage them if they are used too much.

Clean water should be used to rinse the bleach solution once it has sat on the roof surface for up to 20 minutes. A few rain showers should remove any remaining algae from the roof. Any leftover pieces of moss might also be removed using a leaf blower.

How Should You Decide If Your Roof Needs To Be Cleaned Or Replaced?

Your roof needs cleaning if it looks rough around the edges. Algae and moss build up on the roof, causing shingles to appear worse than they are. The top of your home can be inspected and discussed by a professional roofing contractor. Depending on how we feel the roof should be cleaned, we can either clean it by ourselves or refer you to a reputable company that does roof cleaning.

If your roof needs replacement, our team could recommend shingles with copper content or another material that repels algae growth. Additionally, we can help you schedule roof cleanings regularly and give you tips on how best to keep your roof clean.

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