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A piece of wood will inevitably deteriorate within a year or two if it’s not protected. A deck or fence that consists of lumber is in nature to bear down on pieces of lumber that have become inanimate. The sun and rain rupture internal fibers in wood that is exposed outdoors. 

Water soaks wood and causes it to swell in a similar manner. As a result, the surface becomes spongy. The elements cause wood damage, manifesting in grayed textures, splits, and loosened nails.

Wood Should Be Treated

If you want your wood to last longer, it still needs to be cleaned and sealed, even if it has been pressure-treated. Pressure-treated wood decks and fences still need to be cleaned and sealed regularly to maintain their good condition. Exotic woods are impervious to insect infestations, but they are not immune to the corrosive effects of the weather.

What Is The Best Time To Seal Wood?

It has been suggested that wood should be sealed after a year of drying so it is scorched before closing it. While a year is a long time, sealing wood is not a prudent thing to do. It could have taken too long for the wood to have been damaged, so the majority cannot be reversed. When the wood has dried completely, it can be done within 2-3 months. 

Compared to wood that has been sealed after one year, wood that has been sealed within three months is much more desirable. Wood that is ready for sealing can be easily identified. Professionals use an electric moisture meter to determine whether wood can be sealed. Sprinkling water on the wood is a more straightforward method. The wood is dry enough to be sealed if the water is absorbed quickly.

Getting The Wood Ready To Be Sealed

Preparing the wood by cleaning is the first step in sealing. The following results should be achieved through this most critical stage of decking and fence maintenance: 

  • Getting rid of dirt, mold, mildew, and algae is important.
  • A process of pore opening in the wood.
  • The pH of the sealer should be balanced to ensure a strong bond between each fiber and the sealer. 
  • Pressure washing

Making The Right Choice When It Comes To Cleaning Agents

Following the selection of the right cleaning agent, there are a few things to consider. Before cleaning decks and fences, you may need to determine whether the cleaning compounds should be acidic, alkaline, or pH neutral. It is possible to find pH-neutral powdered cleaners and reasonably safe for use in the do-it-yourself market. Because acid-based compounds are safer and easier to handle than alkalines, most home improvement stores recommend using them. As a result, they are far less effective than conventional methods. On the other hand, alkaline-based cleaners are far more effective than less consumer-friendly ones. 

Experienced contractors are better off knowing this. There is a two-step process that is most successful among them. A compound based on alkaline cleaning is used, followed by an acidic brightener to neutralize it. The deck looks great even before it is sealed because natural colors emerge from within the wood. Purchasing cleaners from industrial contractors is one way to obtain professional-grade products. A home improvement retailer or hardware store’s cleaners cannot be compared to any other product.

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