Patio Cleaning Des Moines, IA

The patio is the perfect place to relax when you’ve had a long and tiring day. You will only be able to truly enjoy your patio if it has been kept clean with regular patio cleaning. The following simple but effective tips can help you clean your patio if you do not know where to begin.

  •  The patio can’t be cleaned at once and must be done step-by-step. 

Moving the furniture off the patio is the first step. When sorting the furniture, determine which pieces are in good condition and require confiscation. Old hardwood patio furniture can be refinished and restored. Do not dispose of them immediately after you have bought them.

  • The patio should be swept thoroughly with a nice, strong broom. 

You can find dual-purpose brooms at the local hardware store for sweeping patios and driveways. It is also possible to buy heavy-duty garden tools and bags for pulling weeds if you do not have them.

Your Patio Needs To Be Thoroughly Weeded

When you have removed all dirt and leaves from corners and around the planters of the patio, you need to start weeding. Getting weeds out of cracks and crevices is quite tiring and time-consuming, so you might want to hire some professionals to help you out. It is necessary to remove them since once they have grown and spread, they tend to push your patio tiles into the ground. The soil supporting the patio tiles is eroded, and water enters the tiles, causing additional damage.

Taking care of your plants and planters is the next step in the patio cleaning process. It is necessary to remove all perennial plants and plants that look ill-looking and unwanted. If you don’t like plants on your patio, you can remove them, replant them, or give them to a friend.

Take Care When Cleaning Patios With Chemicals

Several power hoses and power scrubbers can be rented for patio cleaning if you decide to do it yourself. As you handle chemicals, you should be careful because some may kill your plants or over-bleach your stones if they spill into your yard. You can ask us for help regarding the right chemicals to use and how much of each to use. Once you have completed this process, your patio cleaning has been completed, and it is now ready to face the upcoming season.

Get Professionals To Help You

The next step in patio cleaning is to clean the patio stones. An old patio stone’s grime must be removed by scrubbing with a soap and water solution. Replace broken or uneven plates with new ones. Because patio cleaning is challenging, you can hire professionals or do it yourself.

When hiring professionals, comparing quotes and references from two or three different firms like Des Moines Gutter Cleaning is a good idea.  Your hardware store might also be able to provide some ideas, or you might want to speak with us. Des Moines Gutter Cleaning is one of the best cleaning companies in the Des Moines area. It will be our pleasure to work on your patio, and you can rest assured that we will do our best to ensure it is done right.

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